Friday, March 1, 2013


cat marnell
Cat Marnell, at home in Alphabet City
This is a guide to getting sicker and sicker and sicker, to looking so skinny and sickly and amphetamine green, then to hitting the tanning beds and the sleeping pills just enough to get pretty and tricky and mean.

When I’m “better” looking – healthier-seeming; ha -- I can get anything.

I march in with a sleep-glow and full makeup. Vicious. My bleached bulimia teeth gleam.

I’m all electric cigs and coconut.

I’ve got:
•Park Avenue fangs
•Bumble bangs
•dull green eyes that match money.

I've got coats made of bunny. I've got long human hair.
Always hunting season for Bambi. And I kill to wear.

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